Best Indoor/Outdoor Pest Solutions is the Bay Area's first and original provider of the ARBORjet Tree I.V. Injection system. The ARBORjet system allows for the most advanced and environmentally sound care for your trees when it comes to the treatment and prevention of diseases and insects that weaken and kill trees. The ARBORjet System allows for the controlled application of insecticides and fungicides directly into a tree's vascular system to control and prevent various insect and disease problems, without the side effects of conventional pesticide sprays. Before ARBORjet, beetle infestations in trees were difficult to control with spray pesticides. Since the advent of ARBORjet, the results we have seen are amazing! We have found that anthracnose in sycamores and other trees are easily brought under control using the ARBORjet system. Bronze Birch Borers, if caught early, can be effectively eradicated from the birch, sparing the life of the tree. Soft and hard scales are now easily controlled along with many other pests. Ask us about Fire Blight treatments for your ornamental pear trees.

Root Drench

Early spring is the right time to apply a root drench for the control of the many of the sucking and piercing insects that chew on the leaves of your trees causing unsightly, sticky and messy "honeydew" to rain down from your trees. We can apply a pesticide or a fertilizer to the root zone which will be taken up by the tree to be "translocated" throughout the canopy to control the insects. One treatment a year is all that is required. Damaging insects are controlled with little impact on wildlife or secondary insects such as ladybugs that may feed in your trees. Ask about tree fertilization when we root drench.

Fruit, Olive, and Seed Pod (spiky ball) Prevention

Let's face it... olive trees, plum trees, crab apple trees and Liquidambar (sweet gum) trees create a mess and the mess causes a slip and trip hazard. We can minimize the production of fruit by applying via foliar spray, a plant growth hormone to help prevent unwanted fruit in your trees.

Oak Tree Spraying

Our valley oaks and coast live oaks may be treated annually in the spring to control a variety of "worms" (moth larvae) which chew leaves and cause a mess on decks and patios. While oaks rarely see the severe damage, the cosmetic effects can be unsightly and last for quite some time in heavy infestation years.

Pine Borers

Boring beetles in pine trees can threaten your tree, resulting in your tree's death in a very short time. Our local Monterey Pine trees seem especially vulnerable to beetle attack. Pine beetles are difficult to treat due to the resinous nature of pine trees making them difficult to inject like other trees. While pine tree injections can be done, the process can be time-consuming and difficult to achieve. We offer other treatment options which have a proven record of success in the control of pine boring beetles.

S.O.D. (Sudden Oak Death)

Ideally, trees should be treated before they show symptoms so they can be strengthened to resist initial attack by the Phytophthora ramorum pathogen. After symptoms appear, the tree will ultimately be lost. Treatment after infestation may prolong the life of the tree. We are able to treat for the prevention of Sudden Oak Death using a basal bark spray application, or the ARBORjet Micro Injection System. We are trained and listed as S.O.D. practitioners by the U.C. Berkeley Sudden Oak Death Taskforce.

Copper & Dormant Sprays

The Organic Materials Review Institute (ORMI) has listed copper spray and dormant oil for "Organic Use" on fruit trees. When appropriate, a series of copper and dormant sprays may be applied in winter and spring to protect against leaf fungus, peach leaf curl, rust disease and insect pests. The number of sprays needed is influenced by the amount of rainfall, the temperature, and increased humidity during the winter and spring months prior to leaf emergence and afterward.

Raccoon & Grub Control

Nothing is more alarming for a homeowner to look out their window while sipping on their coffee to discover their lawn has been plowed or rototilled by raccoons or wild boars in search of tasty grubs. A summer treatment, then a repeat autumn treatment of the lawn will effectively control the grubs which these four legged pests are in search of when they destroy your lawn.

Other Services

Ask us about other seasonal pest control services including additional tree spraying (including ash, sycamores, tulip trees, and others), tree feeding, disease control, rose spraying, and more.

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