If your goal is to find a cheap, cookie cutter, a one-size-fits-all kind of pest control, read no further. You probably are in search of one of those other large impersonal, national pest control companies, who are all about revenue-building for themselves.

If you are searching for a family-owned company made up of discerning consumers like you, then I invite you to continue reading. We aren’t the least expensive company out there – we’re not trying to be.

We won’t bid a job ‘cheap’ to win that account. By doing so, we are forced to cut corners by using inferior materials and equipment. What we will offer to you is many decades of industry experience, expertise, and knowledge in solving your pest control challenges using the latest in materials and techniques along with the best possible pest solutions to solve your problem. Best Pest Solutions; it’s in our name.

We understand how important it is to live in a safe and beautiful home. We treat and respect your home as if it was our home. We offer advice about your specific pest control problems. We perform an initial treatment to bring pests that are in your home under control, and we design a maintenance program to keep those pests out of your life.

No Binding Contracts!

This is our philosophy: We follow up your initial treatment with regularly scheduled visits to maintain pest control and protection using the best materials and techniques possible, all without a binding contract. Why lock you into a year-long service contract when there may be no benefit to you if we fail to do our job? Working without a binding contract keeps us honest while we provide you with a superior service experience with great value built in. When is the last time your national pest control company made that commitment to you?

Boundary and Perimeter Treatments

We apply a long-lasting residual insecticide to the exterior of your home. We can also apply a long- lasting residual insecticide to your yard. The formulas we use for boundary treatments are registered and approved for use in our state, and when properly used they effectively control pests while minimizing the potential of causing harm to you and your pets.

Exterior Perimeter Treatments

A premium residual insecticide is applied concentrating on the entry points for insects into your home.

Interior Treatments

Sometimes it is necessary to use small, measured quantities of pesticides within the interior of your home. We do this in such a fashion as to reduce and minimize the potential of contact to pesticides by small children and pets. Long gone are the days of baseboard spraying. These days we use ‘crack and crevice’ and targeted treatments to get to where bugs hide. We also use baits applied to hard-to-reach areas. When it comes to the inside of your home, less is better. Oftentimes, when we bring your pests under control, under regular maintenance it is usually not necessary to apply pesticides indoors as pests can be controlled outdoors to prevent reentry into your home.

Roaches and Other Insects

After inspecting and analyzing your situation, we will advise you on household routines that will minimize infestation. In addition, our specialists offer treatments that may include the following:

Crack and Crevice Pesticide Placement - Chemical materials are placed carefully only in areas where the insects live and breed, such as dark and enclosed areas within walls and under cabinets. Our process assures there will be minimal exposure to children, food, or pets.
•Direct Contact - Chemicals are directly applied to the pests.
•Insect Growth Regulators - These chemicals duplicate the insect's natural hormones to disrupt their natural growth and development.

Rodent Control

After a thorough inspection to determine which species we're dealing with, we'll create an effective program to keep your home rodent-free. Where rodents are involved, it may be necessary to set traps. We never use rodent baits inside a home, attic, or crawlspace, as that is a very unsound and unhygienic practice.

Ongoing Maintenance

Season after season, your home will be exposed to different types of pests - roaches, ants, spiders, and rodents will all be trying to make a home in yours. To make sure the pests you’ve so carefully controlled don’t return, we will continue with regular pest control services if you prefer.

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