Bug Bombs: People abuse them because there is the false perception that if one fogger does the job, then two or three used at once is going to do that much more an effective and thorough job. This kind of thinking can get you in trouble.

There is a documented type of psychosis called, delusional parasitosis which causes the suffer to imagine they are being attacked by an insect or parasite. The sufferer will take it upon himself to treat the imagined insect infestation while unwittingly worsening the problem. They may apply pesticides or perhaps they will fog their house. Upon completion of their home pest control treatment routine, the person may sit on their couch, the chair, the bed, or maybe walk on their carpet absorbing the pesticide they so liberally applied through their skin or the soles of their bare feet, which in turn can expose the person to unsafe levels of the pesticide.

This overexposure to the pyrethroid class and some other classes of pesticides that are found in bug bombs may cause skin lesions and outbreaks as an allergic reaction to exposure to pesticides. Some of the symptoms experienced may include itching and scratching. These symptoms may fool the victim into believing their discomfort is caused by insect pests and not the pesticide itself.

The person suffering from pesticide overexposure goes on to imagine their previous application of pesticides had no effect on the insects in the house. Their solution? Set off more bug bombs or spray more pesticide to cure the problem.

The result? More itching and scratching to the point where the skin bleeds and scabs up, causing the victim to believe the welts are caused by more bug bites. The cycle continues and more pesticides are used, which worsen the perception the victim is still under insect attack.

Your pest control company is not licensed to diagnose medical or psychological conditions. So, it's always best to see your doctor to make any diagnosis.

However, we are licensed to diagnose a pest problem and we are trained and licensed to apply pesticides as directed and recommended to alleviate a real pest problem, and not to use a pesticide when it may not be needed.

Instead of treating your bug problem yourself, call a professional.

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