Olive trees can be rustic and stunning, invoking the old world charm of Tuscany. But the unsightly stains left on your patio, driveway or front sidewalk from the falling fruit is quite frustrating. Seasonal spraying of the tree with a growth retardant in late winter allows you to enjoy the tree in full bloom without having to deal with any olives or just very few. Spraying the tree into stopping olive production is an effective way to keep the olive mess at bay while you still enjoy the beauty of your tree.

Many companies spray olive trees only when the trees are in bloom. This leaves very little room for error. The temperature must be above 60F or below 95F. The wind must be low enough to legally allow for straying. Finally, any spray solution mixed by the service technician must be used within four hours, or it becomes less effective. Taking into account all of the above limitations for spraying olive trees, this only leaves a very limited window of opportunity in which a proper and effective spraying can be done.

We differ from the other guys because we use a superior plant growth regulator which allows for the spraying of your olive tree from winter into early spring, weeks before they go into bloom. There are there no temperature constraints using our growth regulator. This gives us a much longer window of opportunity to spray your trees for best results.

If you have never had your olive trees sprayed to stop the fruiting of olives. Or, if you have never really experienced satisfactory results, then why not give us a try?

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