The bronze birch bore is wood-boring beetle native to North America. It is a serious pest of birch trees, frequently killing them. The adult is a copper/bronze colored slender beetle. The larva, which does the damage, are unseen, feeding under the bark. The Bronze Birch Borer typically attacks trees which are already stressed from drought or in decline. A birch infested with Bronze Birch Borer will start showing dieback in the crown, increasing in severity as the infestation continues, often leading to the death of the tree. In later stages of infestation, the trunk will show D-shaped, rust-stained exit holes and may also have swollen extrusions under the bark where the tree tried to grow over larval galleries.

The tree responds to canopy dieback by sprouting new (epicormic) branches below the disrupted tissues. The bark will split over dead vascular tissues, and trees may die within only two years of the onset of symptoms.

Independent studies strongly recommend that treatments be applied early before an extensive disruption occurs to the vascular tissues. It is recommended treatment be rendered when Bronze Birch Borer is detected in your area, but trees still appear healthy.

We can treat an already infested birch using the ARBORjet Tree I.V. system. We also have strategies to prevent infestation of currently unaffected trees.

If bronze birch borers are caught early, the outcome for your tree is excellent.

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